Rock 1.6.3 Documentation

B2 Cloud Storage

B2 Backblaze provides cheap cloud storage, but we are talking cheap in terms of price, not reliability. At $0.005 per stored GB (with the first 10GB free), and $0.01 per downloaded GB (with the first 1GB free per day), they make for an enticing option for new entry into cloud storage for your Rock server. Especially if you are tight on cash or just want to give it a try and see what its like. They also do not require a Credit Card to be on file to get setup and running. In fact you only need a Credit Card if you want to go past their free tier.

With over 30 integrations, you will not have any trouble getting to your data. You can even use a web browser to browse, upload and delete your files. They also have simple systems in place where you can get notified when you are near reaching a specified limit of storage or downloads. Catch those errors before your users do.

Be sure to check out their pricing and see what they can do for you. They also have a handy pricing calculator to help you determine actual costs, as well as compare them to other storage providers.

Version History

  • Initial Release