Anime Review: MY love STORY!!

Gouda has a problem. He’s in his first year of high school and his weight already exceeds 250lbs. But that isn’t really his problem. Gouda is already 2 meters tall and would make a college line-backer look small. But this isn’t his problem either. His best friend is possibly the most popular boy in school and a “perfect specimen” of male youth, unfortunately he’s also completely insensitive to others. But this still isn’t Gouda’s problem.

This poor boys problem is that the smallest girls he has ever met has fallen in love with him. Why is this a problem for him? Clearly you have never been a 2 meter tall, 250lb boy in high school with a girlfriend you could literally crush if you sat on her. The truth of Gouda’s problem is that he is clueless about girls and relationships. Because of his size he never thought he would have to worry about this type of thing. Despite his best efforts at being a hulking, clueless mass, Rinko is still in love with him. Can this gorilla of a man manage to find a way to find true love?

I enjoyed this show. It’s a bit slow, in that there is very little action. There is no sword play, very few explosions, and only an occasional plumbers crack from a 250lb behemoth. Despite the slow action-pace of the story I found it very fun to watch. There were lots of comedy moments. Not slapstick but just good laughs. Usually found in circumstances that I could see myself in the middle of due to my own lack of knowing how to deal with girls. Many situations Gouda manages to get himself into are things that I found myself yelling at him for being an idiot and yet at the same time realizing that I have made those types of mistakes myself.

And with that we move into the cleanliness of this show. I mentioned the plumbers crack. As far as my memory serves me (it has been a while since I watched this show, if you couldn’t guess by the one-year gap in reviews posted), this was pretty much the only thing “dirty” about this show. Gouda ends up in a burning building and the back of his clothes get pretty well burned. There is no frontal and no hanging fruit to be seen, just a brief flash of a partial buttock.

Summary: Very clean show about a huge (tall) high school boy and his tiny sweetheart.
Seasons: 1
Season length: 24 episodes
Episode length: 22 minutes
Content: Clean visually with a few mild scenes. Subtitle language was clean, have not seen Dub yet.
Language: English and Japanese

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