Anime Review: Myself; Yourself, Bodacious Space Pirates, Oban Star-Racers

The search continues to find some clean Anime. In truth, there is a lot of decent Anime that isn’t full of nudity and other garbage, but I will admit it takes some work to find it. It’s easy to identify some Anime’s as dirty (if they are rated TV-MAture, that is a good hint). Others have an okay rating, have a decent description but still end up being an excuse to put naked girls on screen. So I will continue to post about various Anime’s I watch that I find to be clean and worthy of watching. If you are having a hard time finding some good clean Anime, feel free to keep an eye out here.

Myself; Yourself

Sana Hikada moved away from the town he grew up in when he was 10 and left all his friends behind. Now 5 years later he is moving back. The story itself revolves around Sana reconnecting with his old friends as well as making some new friends. Nanaka, one of his original friends, used to be very warm and caring but is now cold and unfeeling towards him, even though she still wears a bracelet he gave her when they were kids. Nanaka has her reasons for the way she is acting but all of Sana’s other friends change the subject every time he tries to find out why she changed. But Nanaka isn’t the only one with a secret in her past, Sana seems to be hiding something about himself too, like why he suddenly came back to town all alone? Will Sana and Nanaka ever be able to be friends again like they were as kids?

The story is really good. I enjoyed watching this show both times I have seen it. Like most good Anime shows it is too short, at only 13 episodes you are left wishing they had made it longer. While the primary story revolves around Sana and his friendship with Nanaka it almost takes a back seat to the other sub-plots in the show. Every episode touches on their story but usually just enough to make you wonder what is really going on. The sub-plots do not leave you feeling like they were filler for not enough main-story, just interesting ways to tell the main story without ignoring all the other characters.

The content is remarkably clean for an Anime whose story revolves around boys and girls whom are interested in each other. There is one “panty scene” in the 2nd episode that lasts about 2 seconds. I actually appreciated the way they did this scene. One of the girls wants to try fishing and, failing miserably, catches the back of her skirt with the fish hook. A short view from the back is where the panty scene is and then the rest of the scene is from the front, where you can’t see anything, while the guys are trying to get her to stop pulling so that her skirt will fall back down. Most anime shows would just leave the camera view from behind to let you watch the panties while the comedy sequence ensues. I appreciate the fact that this show decided to just give a quick flash and then the comedy sequence doesn’t actually continuously show what is happening. There is one other “fogged out” scene of one of the girls in the bathroom during the 6th episode. You can’t actually see anything but it is one of those “you know what is there even though you can’t see it” scenes. Lasts about 10 seconds probably.

Finally, there is some hinting at an improper relationship. I won’t go into specifics as it would be a spoiler of the show, but I will say I again appreciate the way they decided to approach the subject. Most shows (including non-anime) will try to rub your face in a “socially unacceptable” relationship in an effort to desensitize you to it so that it becomes no big deal. While the argument would still stand on wether or not they should be doing anything to desensitize you to something that is inappropriate, the way the approached this subject was to basically say “it could be happening, the story doesn’t specifically say” and they leave it at that. They don’t throw it in your face.

Summary: Good story, good animation. Really enjoyed watching it.
Seasons: 1
Season length: 13 episodes
Episode length: 23 minutes
Content: Mostly clean
Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Bodacious Space Pirates

Marika is a normal high school girl. She goes to class, she studies hard and she lives with her mom who is a respectable member of society with a regular job. Or so Marika thinks. Marika soon learns that her father, whom she never knew, has passed away leaving her to inherit his job – as a space pirate! While Marika is trying to absorb that fact she finds out that her mom used to be a space pirate too and that not only was her father a space pirate, he was the captain of one of the few pirate ships still around. Marika’s simple easy life has just become very complicated. She is now the captain of a pirate ship with a rag-tag crew of pirates that pester her about keeping up on her schooling.

This show presents a very interesting view of (space) pirates and piracy in general. According to the story, many years ago in order to fight a war space piracy became legal by planets giving out letters of marque. The planets did this to allow them to fight without raising their own army. Now, as the war is behind them no more letters of marque are given out, however pirate ships that already have them get to keep them as long as they continue to do piracy.  And by piracy they mean they are basically mercenaries for hire. Usually on jobs such as “robbing” space-liners, doing security for events or even just escorting foreign dignitaries. It also presents a very different twist to the usual “high school student living on their own and working a job to survive”. Marika lives with her mom, but her mom is a very small part of the show. In fact you can go 3 or 4 episodes without seeing her. While Marika doesn’t need to work to make money to survive, she has to work at piracy if she wants to keep her letter of marque. More than that, she has to work if she wants all her shipmates to be able to keep working.

There is really no central theme in the story other than the fact it revolves around Marika. There are a few mini-stories that span a handful of episodes each, but the writers did a really good job of making sure the stories tie into each other. It doesn’t feel like a bunch of disjointed episodes all slapped together. The content is also very clean. I don’t remember ever seeing one sexually inappropriate thing, which is a rare thing to be able to say about newly made anime shows. There are a few episodes left that have not aired yet, about 4 or so, but I don’t expect them to have gone for 20 episodes perfectly clean and then throw in a bunch of fan service at the end (usually they do that at the beginning).

I mention above that there was no sexually inappropriate scene, which is correct. I specifically stated it that way because there is one scene, around episode 16 or so, where two girls kiss.  A long kiss. I see that kind of thing around town, so it’s not like it really bothers me but it may bother you (or you may not want to have to explain to your kid why two girls are kissing “that way”). This is not a recurring theme.  If I remember correctly it happens once at the end of an episode and they pick it up at the beginning of the next episode. Later on in the episode they drop one of the girls off at a school so she is out of the picture – meaning this doesn’t happen again and again.

Summary: Good story about a high school girl trying to deal with being a student and a space pirate at the same time. I look forward to watching each new episode. Good potential for a second season.
Seasons: 1
Season length: 26 episodes
Episode length: 23 minutes
Content: Clean
Language: Japanese and English

Oban Star-Racers

Eva is the daughter of a great star-racer manager, Don Wei. Her mom, a race pilot, was killed in a crash during one of her races when Eva was just a child. Unable to cope with the loss of his wife Don leaves his daughter at an orphanage and tries to move on with his life. Years later Eva, now a teenager going by the name Molly, has run away from the orphanage to find her father only to discover that he doesn’t recognize her or know who she is anymore. Don Wei is now the manager of the “Earth Team” who are departing Earth to compete in the “Great Race”; and Molly decides to tag along.

In the course of events the original pilot has a bad crash in the first race and is unable to continue. Molly steps in to pilot for the Earth Team, with her father still not knowing who she really is. Molly must learn to become the best pilot she can and also find a way of telling Don Wei that she is his daughter. Can the Earth Team win? Can Don Wei let a kid risk her life in the races? He may have to, as Earth’s survival seems to be hanging in the balance.

There isn’t a ton of plot development going on in this show. I’m enjoying watching it and it is a clean show. If you are looking for something with a strong plot that leaves you wanting to watch the next episode this is probably not the show for you. If you are looking for a good clean show to pass the time then you will probably enjoy this.

Summary: Weak plot and character development, but good show for passing the time.
Seasons: 1
Season length: 26
Episode length: 22 minutes
Content: Clean
Language: English

8 comments for “Anime Review: Myself; Yourself, Bodacious Space Pirates, Oban Star-Racers

  1. Devin
    December 20, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    Thanks for putting out some information, I was wondering if there were any clean anime out there the only ones I have watched were Gundam Wing and some of Oban Star-Racers. I have looked through tons of anime and what make me madest is when you watch two or three episodes and then they through in nudity and sexualy themes. I personaly don’t mind bloody violence (unless it escalates to gory violence) but something about nudity and sex in these anime cartoons realy just doesn’t set right with me, not to mention I live with younger siblings and parents who wouldn’t aprove. But yeah I’ve looked very hard and I have came up with almost nothing to make up for my absense of Gundam Wing I tried Full Metal Panic but it turned out to be garbage. Anyway I like the fact that someone else feels the same way but I already new about Oban and the first one probably wouldn’t have enough action for my taste are these the only clean anime you personaly found? I know this information is a little old but I just now found it so I understand if you don’t respond but I’m still glad someone else agrees that we can have anime without all the nonsense.

  2. Devin
    December 20, 2012 at 7:48 pm

    Nevermind what I said about asking if those were the only shows you knew of that were clean because I looked through some other parts of the website but again thanks for the info.

  3. December 20, 2012 at 9:09 pm

    It sounds like you already found it, but just to be sure, there is an “Anime” link in the top menu that links to a page I continuously update as I add new Anime posts. Sometimes there is only a month or so between updates, other times it is more like 3-4 months. Just depends on how much luck I have finding good stuff to watch (and how much time I have to watch).

    I highly recommend Fairy Tail if you like action type. I consider it a very well balanced show and is frankly cleaner than a lot of the kids shows here in the states. I don’t recall if my post reflects this, but they have started releasing it as English dubs. It is available to watch on FUNimation‘s website (with subscription, or free with subs), and Amazon is selling the Blu-Ray/DVD’s. As usual they are way overpriced at $25 for 12 episodes at a time. They have the first 48 episodes dubbed and more are in the works. Generally I like dubs better than subs, but I must say personally I like the subbed version better of Fairy Tail. The voice they got to play the male cat sounds way too much like a girl.

  4. Devin
    December 21, 2012 at 8:42 am

    yeah, I have to agree I like dubbed better than subbed because while I can read subtitles it makes you have to focus on reading alot more instead of enjoying the show. Have you looked at Sands of Destruction yet? I forgot to mention that one it only had one episode where the main male protagonist accidentaly ripped the main female protagonist skirt and she didn’t notice so he and another main character a teddy bear like creature spent the rest of the episode trying to fix it before she found out so it was small and didn’t reveal much later on it rips a little bigger and she getts humiliated so she tries to beat the snot out of both of them. Other than that nothing bad sexual and like I said that episode didn’t realy reveal much. I think they may have said the “D” word or “H” word but I’m not for sure and violence wise there was a scene where some humans get gunned down by beast men with sub machine guns but I dont think it was that bad. It has some good messages in it and the only part that bothered me was that there was some talk about other gods and I’m a christian but I expected some of that since it’s from Japan and all but yeah if you haven’t seen that one you might want to watch it and make sure I didn’t miss anything you might like that one.

  5. December 21, 2012 at 11:57 am

    Thanks I will take a look at that one. I have seen it show up on Netflix but never really thought much of it. You may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but something about TV and Movie cover artwork tend to carry a lot of weight in wether not I will even give it a shot, and that one never caught my eye.

  6. Devin
    December 21, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    It’s basicaly an adventure story where they end up helping people along the way. The world is ruled by beastmen who treat humans like slaves, basicaly theres alot of predjudice towards humans similar to how African Americans are treated by alot of white people. It’s a good action and adventure story I just didn’t like how people constantly talked about the god(s) but that doesn’t bother some people. Other than that the story actualy had some good life lessons and some really heart warming moments along with the action which I will admit the action was a little less than some other shows I’ve seen but all together It was pretty enjoyable, I also heard they turned it into an RPG game but I’ve never played it. Theres a ship captain with a green jacket and redish orange hair I can’t remember his name but he was my favorite character. I know theres a Japanese and an English version of it and the English version was dubbed not subbed but there may be a subbed I don’t know but yeah I’ve been looking through alot of anime and stuff and I found this website when I wanted to know about that Bodacious Space Pirates show first and formost I wanted to know if it was nasty or not but I was also afraid it might be to girly because I’m a guy and I did check it out and I have to say it’s different but okay I’ve only made it to episode seven. I don’t figure it will be a fovorite of mine but it is has definately helped releave my boredom with television and video games lately.

  7. Karen
    July 27, 2015 at 10:43 pm

    Have you seen fruits basket? I really loved it. I think it’s an older show but I’m not really sure. It’s got a beautiful story and a lot of life lessons. One of the character swears a little bit, nothing too bad as far as I remember. Another character makes a couple crude comments as well, but it’s definitely not the point of the episode and you’d miss it if you weren’t paying attention.

  8. July 28, 2015 at 6:29 pm

    I did really enjoy watching Fruits Basket (Manga was good too). It has been a while, but if I remember there were enough inappropriate scenes from when they change from animal back into human and are without their clothes. I don’t anything “specific” was ever shown but it was enough to not feel good about putting it on the clean list. To be clear for others it isn’t like every episode had a scene of one or more of them naked while they transform, but even once is enough to have a hard time recommending something as a clean show. Sadly many Anime shows (and to be fair much/most American TV) is the same. What would otherwise be a fantastic and perfectly clean show is injected with a few scenes that really just didn’t need to be there. Though, as I said, I did really enjoy watching it. And I agree with you about the story itself. It was an extremely well written story with lots of substance to it.

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