Anime Review: Sweetness & Lightning

Kouhei lost his wife and now cares for his 5 year old daughter, Tsumugi, by himself. It’s a difficult job, especially with his job as a teacher at the local high school. His principal and fellow teachers try to help out but there are times he must work late and leave Tsumugi at daycare until the last minute. Even then, once they get home he is too tired to make any food so they often eat store-bought fast food. In fact, they eat it so often that Kouhei has forgotten the last time they have eaten real cooking.

Late into the evening one night, his daughter laments that she doesn’t remember what real food tastes like. Realizing how terrible his food choices have been he decides to take up an earlier offer to dinner at a family-owned restaurant. Showing up with Tsumugi in tow, he finds that the only one at the restaurant is a high school girl, Kotori, that attends the school he works at. It’s actually her mother’s restaurant but Kotori’s mother has been away lately and the restaurant is rarely open. Kotori just couldn’t turn them away, however, so she does her best to cook them a meal which Tsumugi finds delicious. So delicious that her smile lights up the room and melts her father’s heart. Kouhei vows to do his best to learn to cook and make delicious meals for his daughter.

This is basically a cooking show, though honestly very little time is spent on cooking. Most of the show covers the problems of a single father trying to raise his daughter the best he can. A sub-theme of the show covers Kotori’s desire to become a professional cook and take over the restaurant from her mother before it is closed down forever. There is actually quite a few good plots being developed during the length of the show. For example, Tsumugi has no mother and sees other children at the daycare being picked up by their mothers. As a single father, as a friend of the family, how do Kouhei and Kotori help Tsumugi come to terms with the difference.

I really enjoyed the show. So much that I started reading the Manga as well, which I also recommend. Both are worth the time to watch and read.

Summary: Life as a single father of a 5 year old daughter can be difficult. Kouhei will need help from his friends to be successful in this new venture.
Seasons: 1
Season length: 12 episodes
Episode length: 22 minutes
Content: Clean visually and in language.
Language: Japanese with English subtitles

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    September 1, 2018 at 5:11 am

    Interesting, thanks for the review!

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