Anime Review: The Boy and the Beast

anime_boy_and_the_beastBasically, this is a really good movie. There is nothing really that original or special about it. Just a good movie, clean and with a decent plot that develops nicely. The story revolves around a human boy, Kyuta, and a “beast” called Kumatetsu. Kyuta has no family and, after finding himself in the world of the beasts, becomes the apprentice of Kumatetsu.

Kumatetsu is in line to become the next ruler of the beast world but cannot claim the title until he becomes a master. He cannot become a master without having an apprentice. And nobody will be his apprentice because he is an extremely, gruff, teacher. Because of that nobody has remained with him for more than a few days. After some harsh words on both sides, Kyuta finally decides on his own to stay and learn.

Years pass and Kyuta becomes extremely proficient in his training. But even greater challenges await him as he must battle another. If he fails, people in the human world will suffer as well.

The content is clean. I watched the subtitled version at the theatre so I can’t really comment on the language content, but I wouldn’t think there would be much language in the English version based on the subtitles. There are a few scenes with the boys in, what is basically, cloth diapers while they are training. They aren’t really diapers but I don’t know what they are actually called. That is as bad as I remember anything getting. There were actually very few girls (do you call a female beast a girl?) so there wasn’t much opportunity for them to have any inappropriate scenes.

Summary: A boy accidentally travels to the world of beasts and trains with his new master in kendo.
Movie length: 119 minutes
Content: Clean (visually and language)
Language: Japanese and English

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