Anime Review: The Garden of Words

The Garden of Words

The-Garden-of-WordsTakao wants to become a shoemaker. All his free time is focused on learning how to design and create shoes by hand. Whenever it rains he goes to a park instead of his morning high school classes. One of those mornings he meets an older lady drinking beer (which is by the way not allowed in that park) and eating chocolate. Over the rainy season they get to know each other as he frequents the park anytime it is raining. Towards the end of the school year Takao learns something about his new friend that he never even suspected and also learns something about himself that he never knew.

This was a short (45 min) movie.  There was not a lot of talking in Hollywood standards.  However, it was an enjoyable movie that was clean and relaxing to watch. There is not much to the story beyond the synopsis above. It was essentially a short feel-good story with a nice ending.  Nothing blows up (literally anyway), nobody dies, nobody becomes the hero.  But I have to say I liked it.  If it had been a normal length movie I probably would have gotten bored with it, but at 45 minutes it was just right.

Summary: Solid feel-good movie to watch if you are feeling down.
Length: 45 minutes
Content: Clean
Language: Japanese and English available

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