Anime Review: Tribe Cool Crew

anime_tribe-cool-crewThis has been a really interesting show so far. I am only half way through but I feel good about reviewing it as clean. If I do finish and find something inappropriate I will come back and update, but I don’t expect to see anything bad. Like my recent review of Baby Steps and tennis, the entirety of Tribe Cool Crew pretty much revolves around dance. There are a few side episodes whose main purpose is not dance, but even those tie their street dance into the theme.

I actually thought Baby Steps had better plot line development, but Tribe Cool Crew is pretty good as well. The show has just finished at episode 50 and I am at around episode 25. The only reason I am that far back is I had to take a break for a couple months due to time constraints. Being that the show is subtitled and for a cleanliness review you have to really pay attention it isn’t something I can put on in the background while doing other work.

Up to this point there has really been nothing even close to unclean. The most “pervy” scene was of Haneru (boy) in the bathtub. The water is solid green (eww) so you can’t see anything below his shoulders. It is also fairly brief. I think there was also a similar scene of Kanon (girl) in the bathtub with the same thing. Completely opaque (green) water and nothing visible below shoulders. As I said, at this point roughly 25 episodes in I don’t expect them to suddenly throw something unclean in. Usually that gets done up front to get people (guys) watching.

Anyway, the story itself revolves around Haneru and Kanon, young children that love street dance. At the beginning they do not know each other but shortly they meet up and get along great. They form a dance group called “Cool Crew” because they feel they can accomplish more together. Later they run into another dance group, “Tribal Soul” consisting of Kumo, Mizuki and Yuzuru, all of which are grown adults. Through various reasons they decide to join together and become “Tribe Cool Crew”. This all happens within the first half dozen or so episodes. From there the story line moves on to lots and lots of street dancing and learning how to do new moves and improve themselves. Their final goal, to perform onstage with Jay El, a famous dancer who uses his dance in an attempt to bring peace to the world.

This is the kind of show I would normally shrug off because I’m not really interested in the plot line. They want to perform on stage with some superstar? Yea okay, whatever. Not really that compelling. But I have always been interested in watching street dance. I think if I tried to perform it I would break something, literally. But I have always enjoyed watching other people perform street dances. So that alone has my interest in watching them improve themselves and get better at their performances.

Summary: Clean show about a group of five people and their street dancing, if you enjoy street dancing you will probably enjoy this.
Seasons: 1
Season length: 50 episodes
Episode length: 22 minutes
Content: Clean visually and in language (I have only watched up through episode 25 so far)
Language: Japanese with English subtitles

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