Anime Review: Wish Upon the Pleiades

anime_wish_upon_the_pleiadesMagical girls. Transformations. Aliens. And clean to boot! What more could you ask for? Seriously, I did not have any expectation that this show would be clean. I mean come on. Magical girls that go through an on-screen transformation? There is no way that could possibly be clean. At the very least you are going to have a “glowing white naked body” view of them, right? I was shocked. They did it without showing anything, not even a tiny flash of the edge of some panties. Nothing. It was completely clean.

While the story was a little slow, and for some reason it didn’t feel like it had a lot of character development, this show really sucked me in. Maybe it was the cute girls in, well, magically weird outfits. Maybe it the alien that looked kinda like a Furby. It could have been the revving engine sounds (courtesy of Subaru motors) when they flew around. Possibly something as simple as the fact I could watch a show about magical girls that didn’t involve clothes getting ripped off every few minutes. Whatever it was, I ended up enjoying the show more than I thought I would.

Subaru (the name of one of the girls, not the car manufacturer I mentioned above), Aoi, Nanako, Hikaru and Itsuki have each been, essentially, pulled from their potential reality into one where all of them can interact. The reason is that an alien, the little blue Furby, needs their help to fix his (its?) spaceship. If he (it?) can’t, then not only will his (its?) entire race cease to exist, but the ship will destroy earth too. No pressure girls. By imbuing these five girls with magical powers they are able to help him (it?) gather the engine fragments to fix his (its?) ship. If he (it?) was just imbuing the girls with magical power, one might wonder why he (it?) couldn’t just pick five girls already in the same potential reality as himself (itself?). If you were to wonder that, I would have to say “you are watching a TV show about magical girls that fly through space, and that is what you choose to question?”.

Anyway, the show revolves around the girls’ attempts to collect the engine fragments to save not only the Pleiadeans, but their own reality. While they try to gather the fragments they continue to run into some boy (yes, I swear he is a boy, even though he looks an awful lot like a girl), who is trying to gather the engine fragments for his own purpose. Aaaand, that is about it for the plot. Like I said, not much there, but it actually drew me in and I found myself wanting to watch it to the end. So take a spin on your own personal magical drive shaft (complete with Subaru Motors engine sounds) and fly around with these magical girls – just make sure you don’t overtax the engine!

P.S., don’t ask me why this turned into a comical review, I don’t know. Was just in that sort of mood.

P.S.S., there is apparently a four episode “season 1” from back in 2011. I am guessing it is a condensed version of this same story. This review was for the 2015 “season 2” (though it is not a continuation of anything).

Summary: Amazingly clean show about magical girls. What more needs to be said? Not much plot, but still managed to draw me in and kept me wanting to watch the next episode.
Seasons: 1
Season length: 12 episodes
Episode length: 23 minutes
Content: Clean (visually clean and language was clean too)
Language: Japanese with English subtitles

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