Anime Review: Wolf Girl and Black Prince

anime_wolf_girl_and_black_princeErika is 16 years old and doesn’t have any friends in her class. The only girls she feels like she has a chance befriending are always talking about their boyfriends, so Erika decides to play along. After time she has become friends with these girls while the three of them continue to talk about their boyfriends. Eventually they talk her into showing them a picture of her special guy.

There is just one little problem. You see Erika has never in her life even had a boyfriend, let alone have one now. The picture she shows her friends is just some really cute guy she saw across the street in town. Okay, make that two problems. Her “boyfriend” just happens to be Kyouya, a rather popular boy in the same grade as her. To make matters worse, he is actually a rather sadistic individual who likes the idea of having his own personal “dog” at his beck and call. After explaining the situation to him he agrees to play along as long as she always does whatever he says.

Thus, Erika’s life as a errand girl has begun. It’s all okay. Just as long as he keeps pretending to be her boyfriend. Third problem. She is actually falling in love with him. Can she get her feelings through to Kyouya? Will he ever return Erika’s feelings or will she simply remain his inu?

This was a Crunchyroll simulcast that I had begun watching last year but never quite finished until just now. It’s a surprisingly funny show all the way through. I was extremely skeptical when I read the description about him being a sadist. In truth he isn’t actually sadistic as he doesn’t derive sexual pleasure from making Erika do all those random things; and by “random things” we are talking about fetching him a soda, lunch and other things. He derives simple life pleasure in making her do those things.

As I said, I was skeptical and expecting this to make the unclean list at first. I was really shocked at how clean it was given the summary description it had. For visuals, it has one (two?) scenes of a girl in the bath, though the water is completely opaque so you can’t see anything except her head and shoulders. You don’t see most of a breast, or her from the side/back as she stands up, nothing like that. It’s also a short scene of her just thinking about what happened earlier and getting flustered. As for language it is relatively clean. There is some inappropriate chit-chat, the stuff you probably normally hear at school – okay probably not as bed as what you normally hear to at school. There are a few sporadic bad words in the subtitled version, so it’s very possible if this dubbed into English it will have a fair amount of language, but hopefully they won’t go overboard.

Summary: Really funny show about a girl that can’t stop lying who gets herself blackmailed by her fake boyfriend.
Seasons: 1
Season length: 12 episodes
Episode length: 24 minutes
Content: Clean (visually clean, some bad language and inappropriate dialogue in subtitled version)
Language: Japanese with English subtitles

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