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This is a list of Anime shows that didn’t make the cut for the clean list. Some of them are “so close” to clean but just didn’t make the cut and some I never watched all the way through. Most are probably somewhere in between. This list is basically so I can remember which shows I have already watched but didn’t put on the clean review list (and why). If you are looking for a list of clean Anime, check out this page instead.

December 6, 2014: Added Children Who Chase Lost Voices; Coicent

February 16, 2014: Added Stella Women’s Academy, Nobunagun, Kamisama Dolls, Inari Kon Kon, Accel World, When supernatural powers became commonplace, How to raise a boring girlfriend, Denki-gai, Bladedance, Magical Warfare, Love Chunibyo and Other Delusions, Karen Senki, Cross Ange, I can’t understand what my husband is saying


Almost Clean

Children Who Chase Lost Voices – Good story, enjoyed watching. Had a couple bath scenes where you couldn’t really see anything but even still wasn’t appropriate enough to put on the clean list. Enjoyed the movie though.
Length: 116 minutes * 1
Language: English + Japanese


Coicent (Koi Sento) – Single 22 minute show. Near the beginning has a scene with a naked girl, all the important parts are technically obscured, but not clean. Not really sure what the storyline was.
Length: 22 minutes * 1
Language: English + Japanese


El Cazador de la Bruja – Another really good show spoiled by some naked shots. The intro has quite a few naked scenes and one episode has a hot spring / naked girls episode.


Sword Art Online – Really, really good show. Unfortunately has a couple episodes each season with parts that just didn’t need to be there. Some are just pantie shots, one has some full frontal shots of a girl being stripped by the bad guy. Otherwise fabulous show.


Not Clean

Accel World – Liked the books. TV show, not so much. The intro is full of obscured naked shots and within the first few episodes you are accosted with naked show shots. Yea, cuz thats what I’m looking for in an Anime about being able to move at hyper speed and fight in a virtual world.
Length: 22 minutes * 24
Language: English + Japanese


Kamisama Dolls – Starts out clean and gets progressively worse as the show goes on. Had a good plot and story development, but they constantly included stuff that really had nothing to do with the show just to get a higher rating.
Length: 22 minutes * 13
Language: English + Japanese


Inari Kon Kon – Fun story about a girl who is given the power to transform herself into others. Unfortunately every time she transforms there is a 20 second transformation scene with (obscured) shots of her naked.
Length: 22 minutes * 10
Language: Japanese


Nobunagun – Really upset that this wasn’t clean. It was a fantastic show about, essentially, people brought back to life from ages long ago to fight aliens. And not just anybody, put famous people like Isaac Newton. Granted they had almost nothing to do with their historical counterparts, but was still fun. Unfortunately had lots, and lots, and lots of suggestive clothing and such, as well as a fair amount of language in the English dub.
Length: 22 minutes * 13
Language: English + Japanese


Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3 – Good fun show, number of scenes that didn’t need to be there. A show about girls with (air) guns, what could be better? A show about girls with (air) guns where they don’t walk around naked.
Length: 22 minutes * 13
Language: Japanese


When supernatural battles became commonplace – Good story plot. 5 friends wake up one day with supernatural powers. Can they continue to live normal lives? Unfortunately we’ll never know because the show was full of inappropriate material.
Length: 22 minutes * 12
Language: Japanese


Not clean (some not finished, some can’t remember details)


Cross Ange


How to raise a boring girlfriend

I can’t understand what my husband is saying

Karen Senki

Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions

Magical Warfare

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