Custom Modules

This is a list of custom Arena modules (User Controls) we have written. If you are interested in one drop me a note and I’ll hook you up, I have not yet had time to get them nicely packaged and put into the central Arena subversion repository. I also have a page that talks about how to setup a custom Visual Studio project for building Arena modules without the extra fluff of the full Arena Developer Kit project.

ForceLogout – This module provides one purpose, forcing the users session to expire (logging them out) and then redirecting them to a specified URL. I use this to ensure that the user is logged out without requiring them to click a “logout” link in public kiosks.

SelfJoinTags – Gives a logged in user the ability to join themselves to tags. The module is setup with the parent profile ID to work from as well as the source lookup identifier and the status lookup identifier. You also set a redirect page and can include an optional “none of the above” choice. The module presents a list of checkboxes to the user, one for each immediate descendent of the parent profile (i.e. no recursion). If the user is already a member of that profile then the checkbox is checked and grayed out, so they cannot un-join a tag. Otherwise they are given the ability to select which tags they want to join and they are added to the tag.

MyAttributes – Allows a logged in user the ability to enter their own attributes. In setup you specify a redirect page and the person attribute group ID. Any fields that are marked as read-only cannot be changed. Currently this only works with YesNo fields but I plan to expand on this to include the other types as well.

WebService – This is a work in progress. I am building a way to provide RPC interfaces to Arena for external programs and websites. Currently it allows you to search for people and retrieve some basic information about them. Now that I know it will physically work I am working on building an API and bouncing it off the other Arena developers in an effort to provide a single cohesive interface that makes sense to everybody. For more information see the linked to page.

PersonAttributeEditor – A very quick upload for others to see what I am working on. Is only about 75% functional, but it works for what I need at the moment. Would love feedback before I finalize the rest of it.

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