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Anime Review: Chihayafuru

This Anime is about a card game. Nothing grabs your attention like such a lame basic plot, huh? Well, I actually really enjoyed this show. When I first started watching I was thinking, “yeah whatever. They will follow the card game for a few episodes but the rest will be about romance or whatever.” Wrong.

Anime Review: Log Horizon

Man, there is something incredibly tiring about doing a 9 hour marathon to watch an entire anime show in one sitting. I have started to re-watch all episodes of a series before posting my review of it. While watching some shows that I had previously reviewed I have found some inappropriate scenes that I had…

Anime Review: Amnesia

Amnesia One morning, our heroine awakens to a world and a life she doesn’t know. One she doesn’t remember. All her memories have been lost. A spirit named Orion is the only one who knows the secret about her lost memory. In fact he is the cause of her memory loss, having “bumped” into her…