Is Driving a Sin?

Every once in a while I get myself locked into some philosophical train of thought. I’ve been doing a lot of driving around the past few weeks.. Weddings, recitals, and such, just a lot of time in the car. Doing so much driving has turned into one of these times.  I’m sure it was triggered by something I heard doing a weekend message but either way, the question remains: Is Driving a Sin?

By that, I certainly do not mean the act of driving a car itself but rather the choices we make while driving. How often do we break the law while driving?  For example, if I am driving on an unknown road for which I do not know the speed limit and I make an educated guess that the speed limit is 50, but in reality was only 45, I am breaking the law by going 50. Now I don’t believe that to be a sin because it wasn’t a conscious, deliberate intent to break the law. But what if I know the speed limit is 45 and I decide to drive 50 to save a little time? I am making a willing, conscious decision to break the law. Is that conscious decision a sin?

Romans 13:1-2 tells us to submit to authority because all authority is established by God and he who rebels against authority rebels against God. The state of California and the United States Government are authorities over me when it comes to driving on public roads. Could it be argued that by willfully breaking the law I am rebelling against established authority? Could it be argued that I am rebelling against God? Could it be argued that I am committing a multitude of sins every time I drive my car?

How often do we pass in a no passing zone just to get around somebody who is going slower than we would like. How many times a day do we see a speed limit sign and go just a little bit faster because we know they won’t give us a ticket for going only a few miles per hour faster. How often do we ignore the “stop” sign on the corner because there is nobody else coming and we got close enough to stopping. If these things are sins then I have sinned more times than I can count today, and it is only 7:48 in the morning.

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  1. Taveaus
    January 11, 2017 at 5:08 pm

    My mom always said. That fact that you ask this question shows your conscious is trying to revert back to what is right. We have built in more compasses so Ive been told. Which is why you made it here my brother. Follow God and Let go of your selfish qualities. I will do the same from Vegas. It is hard. It will be worth it. Ask yourself who you rather “do know” and apologize later if you even get the chance to or continue on a path of light and understand the Gov can not take you to jail/hell if no laws were broken. By Law God is the Law, Love is the only God. If you choose not to make every move you make a loving one. How can you be living within the Law?

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