Lion 10.7.2 Update

Well Apple released a 10.7.2 the other day.  It quietly “fixed” the data-loss bug that occurs on network (and other non-internal storage).  And by fixed I mean they mocked us entirely. So now doing the same test, I open an image off the file server in Preview and crop it, print it, and then try to close it without saving. Preview will now helpfully tell me that if I close the file I will not have access to the “older versions” (original) of the document. Great, I can click “Don’t Save” now right? Wrong. The two buttons available are Cancel and Close. If you still want to close without saving you have to “Revert to Last Saved” and then close the file. Oh wait, when I do that it STILL gives me the same warning even though I have reverted my changes; so I will still have users confused about what is going on.

While I appreciate Apple’s attempt to fix the problem, I think they still don’t realize how big an issue this is. They seem to think this is a minor issue that will only affect a few people and therefore a half-hearted attempt to fix the problem is in order. The problem is, they implemented a fundamental new way to save files in the core OS that they cannot easily change without breaking applications. Unfortunately this means that we will probably never get what we want which is the ability to disable Auto Save instead of these patchwork solutions to try and work around the real problem.

I hate to be this critical of Apple, but all this change will do is increase my help desk load with people calling me asking (1) how they are supposed to close without saving since there is no Don’t Save button or (2) what happened to their original file because they clicked Close anyway since there was really no other choice. What that dialog needs is Cancel, Close Without Saving, or Save and Close buttons. While I appreciate their attempt to “fix” the data-loss bug, this doesn’t really fix it. It just attempts to push the blame off of Apple and onto our users “because they don’t know how to properly use the computer” or on us “because you didn’t train them properly”.

Thanks for the attempt, but that is kind of like letting somebody get in a car, drive an hour to a movie theatre and then when they try to turn off the ignition warn them that if they turn off the car they won’t be able to turn it back on unless they drive home first. Yea, thanks for the warning, but I still need to get our of my car.

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