Parse : Backend as a Service

Parse_CloudA few weeks ago I wrote a post on another blog about and what you can do with it. The primary topic covered is the “myth” of the 30 API calls limit per second. What actual API calls count against your limit? Are you really only limited to only 30 calls per second?

The spoiler is, no. You are not actually limited to 30 calls per second. It is true that the limit you get is 30/s, but that is averaged over a 60 second period of time. Wether that is a rolling 60 seconds or it is reset at the top of every minute I am not sure. What it means, however, is that you get 30 * 60 = 1,800 per minute, not 30 per second. You can use 1,799 API requests in a single second with no issues. Try to use 1,801 in a single second, or minute, and you get an error.

I did a fair amount of testing with some code snippets, so head on over to the Mealtime blog and read more about it.

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