Vacation Day 1

Having gotten back from Refresh Cache Tuesday night I decided to begin my vacation the right way. I started doing construction on my garage.

My garage has been a disaster since I bought my house 2 years ago. It is a separated garage from the main house. It was also never properly sealed so there a massive gaps everywhere. It is so bad that when I parked my bicycle for the first time in there, 2 days later it was covered with cobwebs. I decided that meant it was time to cleanup.

I spent all day Wednesday cleaning it out and sealing all the cracks and holes. I went through a total of 4 tubes of silicon seal and 6 cans of spray foam. I got the garage door all separated and ready to remove. While not that heavy, being 18 feet wide I decided not to risk the wind catching it and destroying a panel by taking it down myself. I called my friend Matt who lives down the street. He said he would be happy to help, so I did a little insulation and then called it a night.


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