Vacation Day 3

I learned a few things about my garage today. First, I learned that mostly strait. It isnt off by much, but it is just enough to make drywall not always line up correctly. The second thing I learned about my garage is that the studs are 24 plus or minus 2. I made a valiant attempt at hanging drywall correctly, but in the end I had to add random braces in to find places to screw the drywall into.

Because of all the random modifications we had to do we didnt get very far today. That and Matt (pictured below dancing to Josie and the Pussycats) forgot he had to drive down the hill today. We only got about one and a half walls hung but we did get all the braces we needed installed so it should go a lot faster tomorrow.

I so look forward to hanging 10 foot drywall sheets on the ceiling tomorrow.


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