Who is the cat?

Cat? Somebody say something about a cat?

This is Gyn. She was a street cat that a friend of mine took in for a few months, but the didn’t get along so well with her existing cat. I was talked into taking Gyn in when she was, by our best guess, a little over a year old. I had recently bought a house and my friends thought I needed a pet, so they all kind of ganged up on me and talked me into taking Gyn in. Gyn? Yea that is the name I gave her. I’ve had a few pets in my life and I’ve always given them somewhat unusual names.

Anyway that as about three and a half years ago. Now Gyn spends her days doing who knows what. I’ve left my laptop at home a few times doing time-lapse recording and the bits of her I see is her darting back and forth across the living room or sleeping in the middle of the floor. Did I mention she is lazy? Possibly more lazy than me. When I am home she likes spending her time in my lap or on the back of the couch looking over my shoulder.

It doesn’t really matter what I am doing. At times like this when I am working on the computer she is curled up in my lap doing her best to get in the way of my typing or trying to keep a paw on my mouse pad. It’s so aggravating trying to use a mouse when it thinks you have a second finger in the way. But it is really hard for me to push her out of the way, she just looks so cute laying there curled up sleeping or watching what I’m doing.

As I said, no matter what I’m doing. If I am simply watching TV she is curled up in my lap. Playing video games she is curled up in my lap and trying to bat at the thumb sticks with her paw or nosing around and getting me killed by pushing the wrong buttons. More than once I’ve plummeted to my death when she pushes the wrong button while I’m free-climbing a wall in Assassin’s Creed 2. Oh well, it is still worth putting up with the occasional annoyances.

Gyn thinks she is the master of the house, which always makes it fun when one of my friends brings her puppy over. And by puppy I mean a large puppy. He’s about a year old. And by large I mean he’s a German Shepherd. And by that I mean he hasn’t quite filled out yet and is already 100 pounds. Poor Gyn is scared to death of him, I’m sure because of his size alone. He is also such a puppy he wants to play with everyone, including Gyn. Oh well, maybe when he calms down she will put up with him. But beyond that, Gyn is the master of the house as long as there isn’t a 100 pound demon frolicking around the house.

In short, Gyn is whom I come home to everyday and whom I say goodbye to when I go to work in the morning. She may be just a cat, but she is a vocal cat so she responds when I talk to her. Even though she just meows back at me, it’s nice to be able to “talk” to someone once in a while at night. I really enjoy having her as a cat, when she is calm she is so nice to have around and loves to cuddle. Of course, at other times she is demon spawn and loves nothing more than to test the sharpness of her claws by poking and prodding at my arms. Oh well.

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