Rock 1.8.4 Documentation

Data Toolkit

You're trying to design a simple chart but the SQL query takes a second or two to return results. This means your Dynamic Data block is keeping the page from loading quickly. Worse, you wanted to add one or two more of these charts to your dashboard. If only you could just use an API endpoint to load the data with jQuery after the page loads.

You know exactly how to build the SQL query to find the results you want. You probably already have the query built. Now they tell you it needs to be in a DataView so they can run reports, mail merges, bulk updates, etc. on that data. Well shoot, how are you going to translate this complex query into a DataView?

Feel like you need some more DataView filters? Take a gander at what we have to offer. Poke around and see if any of the filters provide the data you need. If not, you can always request a new filter - or use the SQL Filter to design your own.

Got some data you want to export from Rock as CSV or JSON files? Make use of the Export Data page and send that data in nearly any format you want. Got a CSV or JSON file that you need to pull into Rock, but it's not formatted for Slignshot or Excavator? Give the Import Data page a whirl!

Take a look at the documentation for a few examples of some SQL Endpoints and SQL Filters to get you started and to see everything else that you can do with this plugin.

Version History


New Features

  • Added Available Capacity group Report field to show available capacity remaining in a group.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a few v8.x issues, including the Family Attendance for Group Type DataView filter.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that would prevent imported data from being saved - oops.

New Features

  • New page that lets you export entities to either CSV or JSON, fields can be formatted with Lava before export.
  • New page that lets you import either CSV or JSON files into Rock entities, data can be modified with Lava before saving.

Initial Release

  • SQL API Endpoints
  • Data View Filters:
    • SQL Query
    • Giving Frequency
    • Family Attendance in Group Types
    • Recent Logins