If there are any special considerations to be taken when upgrading to a specific version of the plugin they will be noted here.

Version 3.0

With the introduction of the new project browser, categories are considered deprecated. Feel free to use them if they work for your organization. They are not going away. They were simply a way to organize things before we had the new project browser (the one that works like the content channel editor block). As we began to use that interface more and more, we became annoyed at constantly having to set a Category on projects even though we never actually use it. As such, it is recommended that you go through your Project Types and configure the Category Required setting to suit your needs.

One other significant change is that attachments in e-mailed comments are now accepted. Previously they were stripped out. Most of the time, this will be something you want. Some people have their e-mail configured to include small graphics or vCard files in their signature. These will unfortunately be included as attachments as there is no good way to distinguish them from an actual attachment - at least not that we have found yet.

Version 2.0

The major change this version is in how you browse projects. The existing Tools > Projects page was renamed to Tools > Project Tree. A new page was added to take it's place that provides a, we hope, more unified and Rock-like view of your projects. Because your users may not know how to immedietly find their existing projects you may want to be sure they know they can go to the Tools > Project Tree page to find them until they are used to the new look.

Version 1.5

Version 1.5 added a couple new features to the e-mail system. E-mails can now include the attributes of the project (similar functionality to how Workflow Notification e-mails work) and have had the templates updated. You may want to check your own System Email templates against the stock templates to be sure you are using the latest version.

Support for allowing users to reply to an e-mail to leave a comment on the project has been added. This requires some configuration to enable so be sure to check out the configuration section on that.