Create Task


Creating a task to be performed is pretty central to a project management system. Being able to automate the creation of those tasks is just as critical. Using this workflow action you can create tasks ahead of time. For example, if you are creating a project that always starts with a standard set of tasks then you can create all those tasks from the workflow rather than expecting a user to remember to do it later.




Specifies the attribute that contains project that the task will be assigned to. Attribute must be of type Project.

Task Name

The name to be assigned to the task. You can specify either static text, use lava to generate the text or select an attribute that already contains the text.


The attribute that contains the details of the project. While optional, this might contain specific instructions for how the task is to be carried out. The attribute must be of type Text, Memo, or Markdown.

Due Date

If the task should be completed by a specified date then you may select an attribute that contains the date. Attribute must be of type Date.


If you plan on doing anything further with the task, like assigning a person to it, then you will need to select an attribute to store the reference to the task in. Attribute must be of type Task.