Version 2.0

New Editor

The major new feature of Version 2.0 is the new Structured Editor. This is very similar to the new structured editor in Rock's content channels, but it does have a few differences since we have a few additional features that are not available (nor do they make sense) for the core editor.

We think this new editor will allow you and your staff to create articles extremely fast. While Markdown is still faster if you are familiar with it, we realize that not all your staff may want to learn Markdown and prefer something closer to a WYSIWYG editor. While it's not a perfect WYSIWYG, it's probably close enough that your users will feel comfortable using it.

It's worth noting that the new editor will only be used for new books that you create after installing version 2.0 of the plugin. Old books will by default continue to use the legacy Markdown editor. If you edit an existing book you can change the editor being used from Markdown to Structured Editor. When you save it will confirm the change and then convert all the existing articles. And by convert we mean you can use the structured editor and existing content will be placed inside a single Markdown block.

Since you convert a Structured Editor book into Markdown, you may want to create a new temporary book and play with the new editor before converting your existing books. This way you can get used to the new editor before you convert.

Video Embeds

This version also adds support for embedding YouTube and Vimeo videos (as well as links to plain MP4 videos) into your articles. However, you must use the new Structured Editor to enable this feature.