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SQL Endpoints

You're trying to design a simple chart but the SQL query takes a second or two to return results. This means your Dynamic Data block is keeping the page from loading quickly. Worse, you wanted to add one or two more of these charts to your dashboard. If only you could just use an API endpoint to load the data with jQuery after the page loads.

Well, thanks to our handy dandy plugin you can do just that! Setup various API endpoints with different SQL statements to handle the query and return the results in JSON format, ready for jQuery to injest. Want an endpoint that returns attendance data? That's a simple SELECT statement away. How about an endpoint that lets returns some live metrics like the number of males vs females in the database? No problem. Ready to click buy? Wait, there's more!

What good would an API endpoint that gives access to your data be without security? Included with your purchase is the ability to restrict access to each endpoint individually by security group. Too good to be true you say? It is! But we've included it along with your purchase price at no extra charge! Opening your wallet? Just you wait, we're not done yet!

Having an API endpoint for retrieving SQL data is great and all, but what if you want to pass parameters into the SQL? Heard it's dangerous have you? Well we pass any parameters you specify as a SQL Parameter which means there is no fear of injection attack. Your mind just blew up, didn't it? Don't take out that credit card just yet.

Extracting data from your database is pretty nifty. But we've all had times that we want to push data into the database in a safe manner from a user clicking a button. Ever wanted to create an AJAXy user preferences page that updates their preference choices as soon as they click the radio button or change text in a field? Well why not? It's cool! It says " my website isn't still running on Geocities™." And who doesn't want a state of the art website. Well you can use any SQL statement you want, even an INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE statement. Don't worry, it's safe, because we automatically provide you with a SQL Parameter called @PersonId that contains the Id of the logged in Person so you can update just their data.

So how much for everything you ask? Well the entire package can be yours for 3 simple payments of $0.00. That's right, it's absolutely free. As in, free! No money, no coinage, no green paper (or various other colors depending on what country you are from), no cost!

Take a look at the documentation for a few examples of some SQL Endpoints to get you started and to see everything that you can do with this plugin.

Version History

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