Rock 1.11.0 Documentation

Workflow Stimpack

The Workflow Stimpack is a collection of new Actions that can be used in your Workflows. Most anything can be done in a workflow, even creating and deleting objects in the database. But writing complicated SQL statements can be a pain, especially when you are not well versed in the SQL language.

The actions included in this plugin aim to give you the tools you need so you do not need to resort to SQL, or enabling Entity commands in Lava, to achieve your goals with workflows. Imagine a workflow that allows you to create a Fundraising Group, Event Registration, Calendar Item and then tie them all together the way they were meant to be. All without having to train your staff on the correct procedure to follow and the order of operations to do things in. They just enter in a few fields and the workflow creates all the objects in the database for them.

Version History


New Features

  • Added new workflow action For Each to simplify looping inside workflows.

New Features

  • Added support for setting Global Attributes in Set Entity Attributes workflow action.
  • Added new workflow action to pause an activity until an attribute value matches specific criteria.

New Features

  • New Add Security For Entity workflow action
  • New Remove Security From Entity workflow action

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed logging of Set Entity Attributes and Set Entity Properties actions to log the Lava merged value.
  • Fixed Set Entity Properties when converting Guid, Day Of Week, TimeSpan and other values.
  • Fixed Set Entity Properties and Set Entity Attributes to properly deal with Person attribute values (since a Person Alias guid is what is stored).

Initial release of plugin. Includes the following workflow actions:

  • Activate Activity With Attributes
  • Process Incoming SMS
  • Set Entity Attributes
  • Set Entity Properties