Rock 1.7.3 Documentation


FreePBX is a VoIP system built upon the Open Source Asterisk platform. This plugin allows for importing call detail records into Rock and associating them with the appropriate person records. Once properly configured you can also click on a phone number on the person profile page to initiate a call between your phone and the number selected.

FreePBX uses something called Call Event Logging, which is a replacement for the older style CDR records you may be familiar with. These event records are far more detailed, which allows for the tracking of calls more precisely. As such, this plugin requires FreePBX 12 or later.

This plugin requires the ability for your Rock server to create HTTP or HTTPS connections to your PBX server. It also requires that you install a module on the FreePBX server, which is included in this plugin.

Version History


Initial Release

  • Import CEL records as Rock Interactions to see who has called who.
  • Click on a phone number to initiate a call between your phone and theirs.