Rock 1.10.2 Documentation

Watchdog Monitor

We all have network devices we depend on. For some it's simply our Check-in label printers and lobby Kiosks. Others need to monitor SSL certificates, network switches, mail servers and much more. Why wait until you get a phone call from somebody to find out something stopped working a few hours ago?

Whether you need to monitor just a half dozen things or a few hundred you can configure your Rock server to monitor all these devices. The plugin will record event data such as when a label printer stopped responding and when it came back online. You can view a line chart of the response time of your website to see what times of the day your server begins to slow down.

Configure notification rules to alert you for various events. Want to receive an alert for every single device on your network? Your crazy, but go right ahead! But lets be realistic. We only care about a small subset of those devices that are critical. And their criticality changes at different times of the day and week. Customize your notification rules so you only get the alerts you want.

Use Lava to generate dashboards that give you an overview of your network status at a glance. Build other dashboards that give details of every single device. Group like devices together and see the overall status of all those devices at once. The choice is up to you.

Have your Rock server hosted in the cloud? No problem. There is a Windows application you can download that will let you monitor your in-house devices while still letting Rock track all that data and send you notifications.

Version History


New Features

  • Added support for Rock's new System Communications.

Initial Release

  • Support for direct network monitoring, such as HTTP response time and TCP ports being open.
  • SNMP monitoring.
  • NRPE monitoring.
  • SMS and E-Mail notifications.
  • Historical graphs.
  • Event logging.