Rock 1.11.0 Documentation


Paper books get old, they get out of date, and they get misplaced. Most of all, nobody bothers to read them anyway. And if you are going to build some digital documentation, why would you send your users to another site? They already use Rock, so why not keep them inside Rock where you can easily manage security and keep things up to date. With Rockumentation you can quickly build books of documentation for various parts of your organization. Employee training manuals? No problem. HR documents that describe all the benefits available to your staff? Easy. Step by step instructions on various processes? Simple.

Create multiple books, and within each book you can create various articles that describe anything you want. You can even create multiple versions of each book so that you don't have to erase the old content when you need to make changes. And standard Rock security can be applied at any stage. Secure entire books, a specific version of a book, a tree of articles or even just a single article. Allow only the people you want to be able to view or edit however you want.

Version History


New Features

  • New visual editor that provides a more streamlined editing experience.
  • Video embeds supported in new visual editor.

Initial release

  • Added ability to search in books.

Initial release

  • Build comprehensive documentation directly into Rock.
  • Secure different books and articles to only those that should see them.
  • Upload and attach images and documents.