Assign Project


Creating a project that just sits there doesn't do a lot of good. You will likely want to do one of two things. Either e-mail a person or group of people letting them know that a new project has been created, at which point they can then decide who to assign it to. Alternatively, you can use this action to assign the project to a specific person.




The project to have a person assigned or unassigned from. Attribute must be of type Project.


The person to be assigned or unassigned. Attribute must be of type Person.


Can be one of Assign or Unassign. A project can be assigned to more than one person at a time. So if you wish to change the assignment from person A to person B then you must assign to person A in one action and then unassign from person B in another action.

Send Notification

If you are assigning the project to a person then this controls whether that person will receive the standard notification.