Wait For Task State


Sometimes you might want to have a workflow wait for a task to be completed before you continue the workflow. For example, say you launch a task and assign it to somebody to complete the work. After they complete the task you want to fire off a number of actions such as notifying the person who launched the workflow. You could do this by making them the requester of the task but you might want to include lots of additional details in your "it's all done" e-mail. This action will let you do that as it will pause execution of the activity until the task changes to the specified state.




The attribute that contains the task to be waited on.


The state(s) that you wish to wait for. For example, you can wait for the task to become either Completed OR Cancelled.


The attribute to store the task's state into when the action completes. This is optional but can be useful when you are waiting for multiple states.