Rock 1.6.4 Documentation

Project Management

The Project Management system is designed to give you an easy way to quickly enter and track simple task-based projects. But it also provides the power to expand into more comprehensive project management with sub-projects, blocked tasks and a powerful comment system.

Each project is requested by a single person but can be assigned to multiple people. A project can have tasks that each can be assigned to a single person. Projects can also have sub-projects associated with them if a task to be completed is complex enough to warrant sub-dividing it further. Finally, each type of project can have custom attributes associated with it. This gives you the ability to customize your projects and provide the information you need in order to efficiently complete the project.

E-mail notifications are also built in to keep you up to date when: a project is assigned to you; a task is assigned to you; a new comment on a project you are involved with; a project is marked as completed. This e-mails allow you to easily keep two-way communication open between the requester and those working to accomplish the request.

Project types allow you to define custom attributes, e-mail templates and other settings for the project. A project is also assigned to a category. These categories allow you to organize and group similar projects together, even if they are of different project types.

Version History


Initial Release

The initial release of this plugin includes the following features and more:

  • Create, assign and complete projects.
  • Create, assign and complete tasks within projects.
  • Projects may contain sub-projects.
  • Rich discussion system tied to each project.
  • E-mail notifications.