Set Project State


Normally your users will be in charge of changing the state of a project. However, there are times you might want to modify the state automatically. For example, if your project is automatically created in response to an room reservation request, you could have the workflow monitor the reservation and if it gets cancelled you can also cause the project to automatically be cancelled as well.




The attribute that contains the project whose state is to be updated. Attribute must be of type Project.


The person who will be recorded as making the change in state. All state changes must be associated with a specific person. This attribute must be of type Person.


Specifies the target state of the project. If the project is already in this state then nothing will be changed. Can be one of Active, Completed, or Cancelled.

Send Notification

Normally when marking a project as completed a notification is sent to everybody that is watching the project. However, since you may be sending your own notifications you can disable the automatic notification process by setting this to False.